Access Statement

A 3 bedroom Guest House with ensuite facilities, conservatory, dining room and garden.


• Contact by phone, text or email .
• Website
• Large print written information on rooms and facilities and directions can be posted to potential guests.
• Access statement can be posted or sent as an attachment by email.
• Buses from City Centre. No 1 Grantham bus from central bus station stops 100 yards from guesthouse.
• All buses stop early evening on arrival and parking section
• No 13 from central bus station 1/2 hourly via Brant Road, approx 1/2 hour journey stops on Millers Lane opposite Guesthouse.
• Train Station 4.75miles from guesthouse.
• Lincoln City 4.75 miles away, approx 15 minutes by car.
• Walking to City via Viking Way approx 1 1/2 – 2hours depending on pace, similar time by road.
• Mobility services, equipment and hire. Burton Mobility 01522509781.
• Taxi service, Waddington. Alpha Cabs 01522 723636
• Dial A Ride The Bus Station Melville St 01522 544983

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

• Off street parking for up to 4 cars in front and side of house.
• Assistance offered for guests and luggage from car to room
• Gravel on front of house parking, Tarmac on driveway in and path to front entrance allowing smooth access.
• Dropped pavement for vehicle access to property.
• Cars may be parked to give rear access to vehicle.
• Contact number is visible on sign at the front of the house.
• Clear signage at front of property, white on black.
• Door bell, left side of front door.
• One step into house and step-over threshold.
• Front door entrance directly into hallway, nearest ground floor room12 feet away.
• Exit doors have thumbs turning locks for easy exit.

Main Entrance, Reception

• 3 rooms on the ground floor.
• 90 degree right hand turn from entrance corridor to ground floor rooms.
• Corridor to 3 downstairs rooms, overhead and wall lighting, carpeted. 27” width at narrowest point.
• Assistance provided on arrival, escorted to rooms then as requested for going to dining room or into garden.
• Pen and notepad available on reception and if requested in room.
• Additional keys available to guest rooms and main door on request.
• Reception desk height = 38”.
• Carpeted throughout.
• Two doors on corridor to separate each ground floor room.
• From main entrance though ground floor, same level surface.
• Colour contrast- skirting boards, door frame and doors painted white, cream walls, dado rail at 38” from floor dark wood stain.

Public Areas – Corridors, flooring etc

• Carpet throughout
• Conservatory, raised threshold 1” between dining room in wood contrast to cream walls and light carpet.
• Glass door with plastic frame, 1 step and raised threshold into garden.
• Dining room, same level flooring as rest of ground floor, wall and ceiling lighting.

Public Areas – Sitting room, lounges, lobbies etc

• Conservatory with 2 arm chairs and 1 sofa (cane furniture with thick cushion upholstery)
• Occasional tables x 2 with glass surfaces and cane surrounds.
• Ease of movement around furniture.

Dining Room

• Wall lights, ceiling light with dimmer switch and fan.
• Moveable 4 legged tables each to seat 2 people, chairs without arms. 2 to one side, 1 opposite central aisle.
• Special diets catered for with prior notice for preparation
• Cream crockery on wooden tables with large cream place mats.
• Conservatory to garden has step over threshold through glass/plastic framed sliding door onto uneven stone pathway. One stride onto flagstoned even surface of garden and sitting area. 2 wooden benches.

Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas

• High pitch tone from fire alarm.
• TV with teletext and Freeview, remote controls.
• All bedrooms have 28” door width. Carpeted bedrooms and bathrooms
• All bedrooms have overhead light with switch at door. 3 bedrooms have wall spotlights for reading, 2 bedrooms have bedside lamps.
• 2 double beds and 1 set of twin beds. on the ground floor
• Kettles cordless in all rooms on trays with crockery in cream colour, glasses and individual coffee, tea, milk, sugar and biscuit sachets.
• Non-feather pillows and duvets offered.

Bathroom, Shower-room & WC [Ensuite]

• Room 2 bathroom, small space, toilet, small washbowl and shower.
• Room 3 shower room diagonally opposite the bedroom. Large space
large corner step in shower, high washbowl and standard toilet.
• Room 4 small bathroom, shower, standard washbowl and standard toilet.

Additional Information

• Evacuation procedure highlighted on back of door.
• Non-smoking policy applies in the building.
• Good mobile phone signal and WiFi throughout.
• Landline telephone available.
• Medications can be stored in owners fridge in a sealed box providing it is not a controlled drug.
• Proprietors will do all that they can to help.
• Bell on wall in reception to alert proprietors
• Night bell button on reception attached to proprietors bedroom for use in emergency.

Address: Carnforth,
Tinker’s Lane

Telephone: 01522 722492 Mobile: 07818720630



Hours of operation: open all year